Important Features That Janitorial Software Must Have


Janitorial bidding software that has valuable features incorporated to it is the real secret to a successful cleaning business or to keep current business profitable. Whether it is the convenience of mobile app, pre loaded workload, specific price recommendations or whatever, it is highly recommended that you only use high quality cleaning software to have an effective service. Learn more about janitorial bid software, go here.

You may want to be mindful of some of the profitable and practical features that the software must have and at the same time, to know what you should look for.

Number 1. Compatibility to mobile applications – regardless of what device platform you are using be it Android Tablet, smart phone or iPhone, make sure that the software you have chosen makes it easier to connect to any of these devices wherever you go. Simply put, it will be best if you are going to choose programs that are cloud based because it is through this you can get an easy access and save time by directly entering measurements to the mobile app. Find out for further details on quality control right here.

Number 2. Price recommendations – in an effort to deliver specific and most relevant price recommendations for real world cleaning service, top notch software applications have been based on years of research. This helps you to have a competitive as well as profitable bid in any kind of cleaning job. From specific pricing per month suggestions to price per square foot range for specialty services like window and carpet cleaning and even maintenance, you know that you are covered.

Number 3. Proposal customization – just think of the possibilities when you can customize your janitorial software. With such, it is possible to easily insert logo on the cover letter and cover page, include attachments to emails and even current insurance certificates. You can create a customized cleaning proposal that showcases you and the brand of your cleaning company by editing the section of the proposal’s pre written language.

Number 4. Reports – by using detailed set of reports from job specifications, measurement summary, area hours and such, support and highlight your proposed cleaning program and you will get automatic bidding for each.

Number 5. Bid management – with such software, it makes it simpler and easier as well to keep your bids, notes, walkthrough and customer contacts, follow up appointments and presentations well organized and accessible as well. As a matter of fact, you can also view your bid data including the floor types, fixture counts, measurements and several other factors similar to wage rate and difficulty of the job when you are making use of a janitorial software program that is made by a well known and reliable company.

If you don’t have a cleaning software yet and have plans of buying one, then make sure that it has all these features. Take a look at this link for more information.


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